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What is Serenata?The name means serenade in Spanish and it's a musical expression where musicians are hired especially by an aspiring lover to seduce and compliment his beloved.Based in Sydney,Australia,Serenata was born from and for love too. A passion for music ,lyrics and rythm,and a desire to show our latin roots in a simple but energetic performance.Three of the original founders of the band,Oscar,Osmany and Fabian are Cubans who brought the flair of the Island into the branded sound of the band. Working together first with Tina Harris ,a Canadian female bassist who fell under the charm of Cuban music and more recently adding father and son Sergio and Juan Mulet, from Uruguay ,Serenata has the perfect blend to keep on turning ice into burning hot sound with its variety of contagious rythms,even in the most tender serenade. ( Written and revised by ourselves...Mmm...Mmm!)

Serenata debut gig was in Sydney,Australia, on March 2008 at Musicfest Festival,an international event hosted by the French Alliance .

Osmany Zuniga(left),Oscar Gonzalez,Fabian Fuste and Tina Harris.

Sergio and Juan Mulet

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